Monterey Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer Bait Organic 1lb


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An Alternative To Traditional Slug And Snail Baits. Sluggo Contains Iron Phosphate, And Can Be Used Around Pets And Wildlife. This Product Is Labeled For Use In Vegetable Gardens Up Until Harvest And Remains Effective After Rain Or Sprinkling. A Pellet That Breaks Down Into Fertilizer! New Lower Rate. Omri Listed.

Key Benefits

  • Made From Two Naturally Occurring Ingredients, Spinosad & Iron Phosphate.
  • New Formulation Is Omri Listed.
  • Can Be Used Around Pets And Wildlife.
  • Not Only Controls Snails & Slugs But Also Controls Many Crawling Insects Such As Sow Bugs, Earwigs, Cutworms & Pill Bugs.
  • 1/2 Lb Treats 1000 Sq Ft. Packaging May Vary.

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