MotherPlant Nutrients Part A - 32oz


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Exacting NPK ratios are calibrated to meet the nutritional requirements of the mother plant, without excess nitrates. Rich bio-organics are added to improve the uptake of nutrients and strengthen the plant’s natural immunity to environmental stress resulting in strong, vibrant clones. In short, whether you are a backyard greenhouse hobbyist or a professional commercial plant grower, MotherPlant® Nutrients will help your mother plant, or stock plant, produce the most vigorous plant clones possible!

Key Benefits

  • A 2-Part Formula Provides Balanced Nutrition For The Mother Plant, Without Excess Nitrates
  • Strengthens The Plant'S Natural Immunity To Environmental Stress
  • Exacting N-P-K Ratios Help Your Mother Plants Produce The Most Vigorous Clones Possible
  • No Assembly Required

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