Nelson Plastic Dual Shut-Off Valve


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The Nelson Plastic Dual Shut-Off Valve is a versatile and practical valve designed for controlling water flow in your garden or outdoor watering system. It is constructed with durable plastic materials that offer excellent resistance to weather and outdoor elements. The valve features two outlets, allowing you to connect and control two hoses or watering devices simultaneously. With the dual shut-off valves, you can easily adjust the water flow or shut off one or both outlets as needed. The valve has easy-grip handles that provide comfortable operation and precise control over the water flow. It ensures a reliable and leak-free connection, allowing for efficient water distribution and convenient management of your watering tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Constructed with durable plastic materials for weather resistance
  • Two outlets for connecting and controlling two hoses or watering devices
  • Dual shut-off valves for adjusting water flow or shutting off outlets
  • Easy-grip handles for comfortable operation
  • Provides a reliable and leak-free connection

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