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Protect your home from termites and destructive bugs with Ortho Home Defense Termite & Destructive Bug Killer Concentrate. This 16oz. (1pt) bottle contains a powerful formula designed to eliminate termites and other wood-destroying insects. Whether you're dealing with an existing infestation or looking to prevent future invasions, this concentrate provides an effective solution. Simply mix with water and apply as directed to create a barrier around your home. Keep your property safe from costly termite damage with Ortho Home Defense.

Key Benefits:

  • Termites and Destructive Bug Elimination: This concentrate is specially formulated to target and eliminate termites and other wood-destroying insects, protecting your home from damage.
  • Easy Application: Simply mix with water as directed and apply around the perimeter of your home for a reliable barrier against pests.
  • 16oz. (1pt) Size: Each bottle contains 16 ounces of concentrate, providing you with enough solution to treat your property effectively.
  • Preventative and Remedial Use: Use it as a preventative measure to protect your home or to address existing termite infestations.
  • Trusted Brand: Ortho is a trusted name in pest control, known for providing effective solutions for homeowners.

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