Pennington One Step Complete Sun & Shade Mulch Grass Seed & Fert North 8.3lb


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Pennington 100520283 One Step Complete Sun and Shade Combination Mulch, 8.3 Lbs Repairs bare spots in two weeks or less.* Combination premium Smart Seed® grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer and mulch. Formulated with grassed that thrive in sunny and moderately shady areas. Grow beautiful, healthy, thick grass. Contains Pennington's exclusive Penkote® technology to ensure better plant growth. Pennington One Step Complete makes it easy to grow beautiful thick, water-saving grass. Everything you need is pre-mixed & ready to use all in one bag. Simply apply, water & watch it grow. Our super absorbent seeding mix holds & maintains moisture around the seed while providing the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy, thick grass.

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