Phyton 27 2-oz


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Description: Phyton 27 is a highly effective systemic bactericide and fungicide designed for the protection of plants against various diseases. This 2oz formulation provides a concentrated solution to promote the health and vitality of your plants.

Key Benefits:

  • Systemic Protection: Phyton 27 is a systemic solution, meaning it is absorbed by the plant and distributed throughout its system, offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Broad-Spectrum Control: This powerful formula is effective against a diverse array of pathogens, including bacteria and fungi, making it a versatile solution for plant disease management.
  • Preventive and Curative: Phyton 27 can be used both preventively and curatively, providing flexibility in disease management strategies. It helps control existing infections and serves as a proactive measure to prevent future issues.
  • Easy Application: The 2oz size allows for easy and precise application. Simply mix with water as directed and apply to your plants, ensuring thorough coverage for optimal disease control.
  • Safe for Plants: Phyton 27 is formulated to be gentle on plants while being tough on diseases. It can be applied to a wide range of ornamental plants, providing peace of mind for plant lovers and gardeners.

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