Pine Tree Nutty Butter Suet Cake 11oz

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Peanut Butter Suet is a must-have for bird enthusiasts and pet owners who want to attract a variety of birds to their backyard. This 11.75 ounce suet is made with rendered beef suet, cracked corn, and chopped peanuts, making it a highly attractive and energy-packed food source for birds. This suet is a great way to supplement the diet of birds year-round, providing them with the energy they need to thrive. Simply remove the suet from the packaging and place it in a suet feeder, and watch as a variety of birds flock to your backyard to feed. Peanut Butter Suet is made in the USA and is of the highest quality, ensuring the health and safety of the birds that visit your feeder. Whether you're an experienced bird watcher or a beginner, this suet is a great addition to your bird feeding setup. So, give your feathered friends the energy they need and enjoy the beauty and activity of birds in your backyard.

Key Benefits

  • Peanut Butter Suet is a highly attractive bird feed that draws a wide variety of birds year-round.
  • This 11.75 ounce suet is a great source of energy for birds and contains rendered beef suet, cracked corn, and chopped peanuts.
  • Made in the USA. Simply remove from the package and place in a suet feeder to attract birds to your backyard.
  • Attracts A Wide Variety Of Birds Year Round
  • Great Source Of Energy

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