Plastair Springhose 3/8in Coiled Watering Hose Without Nozzle Green 25 Ft


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With its uniquely coiled design that actually puts itself away, Plastair’s Springhose 3/8-inch by 25 foot coiled watering hose offers a flexible and lightweight alternative to the standard rubber hose. Springhose’s lightweight material reduces user fatigue and its coiled design eliminates the need for expensive hose reels. Equipped with anti-corrosive fittings for a long service life.
  • Ultimate recoil memory is a great feature to the springhose; it allows you to extends and retracts to its original compact form
  • Max-flow fittings comes equipped with anti-corrosive fittings with an extra large inner diameter and the springhose delivers superior water flow
  • The springhose will not kink or tangle and storing it is effortless, unlike straight conventional hoses
  • Eva hose construction is resistant to harsh UV rays from the sun, extraordinarily tough and resistant to abrasion and overstretching and kink damage
  • Note:The hose length itself is 25 feet and then it is coiled. Due to the very nature of the coiled hose design, there is a 20-30% reduction in workable expanded length

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