Ratx Molex Defense Against Moles 8 Oz


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Introducing Molex™, A Scientifically Formulated Pellet To Safely Eliminate Moles. Molex™ Is An Eco-friendly Effective Solution Against All Species Of Moles. Molex™ Is An Easy To Use, 100% Naturally Derived, Safer Approach To Controlling Moles. It Is Fully Biodegradable And Generates No Environmental Pollution. Molex™ Is A New Approach To Effectively Kill Unwanted Moles From Lawns, Ornamental Gardens, Flower Beds, And Non-crop Grassy Areas.

Key Benefits

  • Non-toxic Solution Kills Moles Right Where They Live.
  • 100% All-natural Formulation Manufactured In The USA.
  • 100% Safe For People, Pets And The Environment.
  • Ready To Use; No Mixing Or Spraying Required; No Offensive Odor.
  • Fully Biodegradable Pellets.
  • No Special Requirements For Transport, Handling, Storage, Or Disposal.

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