Ratx Pellets Rat And Mouse Control 1 Lb


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RatX Non-Toxic Eradicate Rats & Mice. Efficacy, Safety & Economy. No Risk for Livestock, Wildlife & Birds. No Risk of Secondary Poisonings. No Known Resistance or Immunity. No Special Requirements or License for Baiting, Transport, Handling, Storage or Disposal.
  • Humanely kills rats and mice; non-toxic and 100% SAFE for people, pets and wildlife
  • 100% natural method to eradicate rats and mice in just one feeding
  • Zero chance of secondary poisoning to any animals or birds of prey
  • No risk of contamination to crops or food
  • Completely biodegradable; zero environmental pollution
  • requires no special requirements for transport, handling, storage or disposal
  • PLEASE NOTE: voles, gophers, and moles have a different digestive system than mice or rats and will not be killed by this product

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