Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap 1 Pack


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Catches All Major Species Of Yellow Jackets Common To North America. The Trap Consists Of A Two-layer Durable Plastic Bag With A Scientifically Designed Molded Plastic Entry Structure That Prevents Escape. A Powerful Water-soluble Attractant Is Included; You Simply Add Water To The Trap And Hang It Outside. Yellow Jackets Are Lured By The Attractant Scent And Fly Into The Bag Through The Yellow Entry Structure. Once The Trap Is Full, The Top Cap Closes Shut And The Entire Trap Can Be Placed In The Garbage. For Outdoor Use Only.

Key Benefits

  • Lure & Eliminate Yellowjackets – This Disposable Yellowjacket Trap Is Effective In Targeting And Trapping All Major Species Of Yellowjackets Found In North America, Especially During Warm, Dry Summer Months.
  • Highly Effective During Summer – This Trap Is Most Effective During Summer Months When The Weather Is Warm And Dry. Once Inside The Trap, Yellowjackets Drown In The Liquid.
  • Easy To Use – Simply Add Water To Activate The Powdered Attractant And Hang The Trap Outside! The Attractant Lasts For Weeks, And No Rebaiting Is Necessary. Once It’s Full, Dispose In The Trash.
  • Western Time Zones – Make Sure You Choose The Right Trap! The Attractant In This Model Is Specially Formulated To Lure Yellowjacket Species Found In Mountain And Pacific Time Zones.

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