Ross Tree Netting & Bird Plant Protection Black 14ftx14 Ft


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Netting products are made for a wide variety of gardening and outdoor applications. Easy to install, this full line of netting products come in many useful types and sizes. They are especially effective for protection against bird and deer infestations or as a support for vines and other plants.
  • Tough durable polypropylene bird protection; Protects crops; Prevents birds from roosting in unwanted areas
  • Mesh design protects fruits and vegetables from hungry birds
  • For small trees or shrubs: cover the tree completely and tie together at the bottom
  • For large trees or shrubs: use poles to drape Ross Tree Netting over larger trees and shrubs
  • Provides maximum protection; Tree netting is easily installed and stored; Reuse year after year
  • Protect your fruit from pesky birds and other animals
  • Ross tree netting

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