Safer Brand Organic Liquid Garden Fungicide 32 oz.


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Safer Brand Garden Fungicide Effectively Controls A Variety Of Damaging Fungi And Fungal Infections That Ruin The Look And Health Of Your Precious Plants. Fungi Like Powdery Mildew, Rust And Black Spot Not Only Disfigure Flowers, Leaves And Fruits, But When Left Uncontrolled They Can Cause Plant Diseases That Completely Overcome And Kill Vegetation. What’s More, Fungi Are Infectious And Easily Spread To Adjacent Plants, So It’s Very Important To Take Control At The Very First Signs Of Fungus.

Key Benefits

  • Use On Roses, Flowers, Foliage Plants, Ornamentals, Beans, Peas And Strawberries.
  • Specially Formulated With Sulfur Which Inhibits The Attack Of Fungal Diseases By Creating An Environment Which Is Not Optimal For Disease Growth.
  • Spray At First Sign Of Infection. Spray Plants Thoroughly To Wet Upper And Lower Surfaces Of Foliage.
  • Omri Listed And Compliant For Use In Organic Gardening.
  • Safer Brand Is The Leader In Alternative Lawn And Garden Products.

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