Scotch Purple Medium Strength Painter's Tape 1pk, 3M , 0.94 in. W X 60 yd L


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Scotch Purple Medium Strength Painter's Tape by 3M is a versatile option for painting and masking projects. This painter's tape offers several key benefits to help you achieve clean and precise paint lines.

Key Benefits:

  • Medium Strength Adhesive: The tape features a medium-strength adhesive that sticks securely to surfaces during painting and can be removed without leaving residue behind.
  • Clean Paint Lines: The tape's sharp edge helps prevent paint bleeding, ensuring clean and professional-looking paint lines.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for various surfaces, including walls, trim, glass, metal, and more.
  • Generous Length: Each roll measures 0.94 inches in width and 60 yards in length, providing ample tape for numerous projects.
  • Easy Application: The tape is easy to apply and can be torn by hand, making it convenient for quick masking tasks.

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