Spot Shot No Scent Carpet Stain Remover 14 oz Liquid

Spot Shot

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The Spot Shot No Scent Carpet Stain Remover is a powerful and effective solution for removing tough stains from carpets. This liquid stain remover is specially designed to tackle a wide range of stains, including food, grease, oil, pet stains, and more. Its no-scent formula ensures that there is no lingering odor after use. With a convenient 14 oz size, it is easy to handle and apply directly to the stained area. The Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover works quickly to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, lifting and eliminating stains with ease. Whether it's a fresh spill or an old, stubborn stain, this carpet stain remover can help restore your carpets to their original cleanliness.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and effective stain remover for carpets
  • Removes tough stains, including food, grease, oil, and pet stains
  • No-scent formula leaves no lingering odor
  • Convenient 14 oz size for easy handling
  • Works quickly to penetrate and lift stains from carpet fibers
  • Helps restore carpets to their original cleanliness

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