Spray n Wash Spray 'n Wash Gold Original Scent Laundry Stain Remover Liquid 22 oz

Spray 'n Wash

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This stain remover may be used with other laundry additives & works in all temperatures. It is also safe for colorfast washables (excluding washable silk, khaki & fluorescent clothing). If possible, treat & launder while stain is still fresh. Do not let dry on garments or surfaces. With the power of Spray 'n Wash you can fight everyday stains.
  • Spray n Wash Pre Treated Trigger is specially formulated with powerful stain fighting ingredients.
  • Penetrate and eliminate the toughest stains like greasy foods, grass, tomato sauce and a wide variety of others.
  • Just what you'd expect from the stain experts.
  • Spray n Wash is safe for all colorfast washables and works in all temperatures.

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