Sta-Bil Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer 10 oz


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Store Fuel For More Than A Year? Have A Generator Or Piece Of Equipment That You Aren't Sure When It'll Get Used Again? Have No Worries Because Sta-bil Storage Is An Additive For All Of Those Uses. Sta-bil Storage Keeps Gas Fresh For Up To 24 Months. This Eliminates The Need To Drain Fuel Before Storing Your Equipment And Ensures Quick Easy Starts The Next Time You Go To Start Your Engine. This Product Is Highly Effective In All Gas Including Ethanol And Non-ethanol Blended Fuels. Whether Using 87, 91, Or 93 Octane Gas Ethanol Or Non-ethanol Blended Gas Still Goes Bad. This Product Is Great For Bulk Gas Storage As Well As Collector Cars, Small Engines, Generators, & Boats. Treat Rate Is 1oz To 2½ Gallons Of Gas. If Using With Small Engine Equipment It Is Best To Add Sta-bil Storage To Your Gas Can. This Way Every Piece Of Equipment You Fill With That Can Is Treated. Make Sure To Add Sta-bil While The Gas Is Fresh. Best Practice Is To Add Sta-bil When You Are At The Pump.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps Fuel Fresh For Up To 24 Months During Storage.
  • Eliminates The Need To Drain Fuel Prior To Storage.
  • Ensures Quick, Easy Starts After Storage.
  • Prevents Gum And Varnish Build-up.
  • Effective In All Gasoline, Including Ethanol Blends.

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