Superthrive - The Original Vitamin Solution Liquid 1Gal


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Ensure your landscape is lush and lovely this spring with SUPERthrive Original Vitamin Solution Liquid Concentrate. From spray to root soak, the liquid vitamin concentrate will help roots grow, improve plant vigor, and reduce transplant shock. Use it on plants, flowers, seeds and seedlings, root balls, trees, lawns, and more. Apply daily, weekly, or monthly, with or without fertilizer, to keep your landscape looking its best all season long. SUPERthrive works great indoors too, on houseplants as well as Christmas trees.
  • Liquid vitamin concentrate for plants
  • Improves root development
  • Strengthens plants and encourages growth
  • Minimizes transplant shock
  • For indoor and outdoor use in a variety of applications
  • A must-have for gardeners

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