Terro Ant Bait Station 6 Pk


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When It Comes To Ants, Always Try To Start With Baiting. Unlike Contact Killers, Which Only Target Visible Worker Ants On Your Property, These Baits Include Slow-acting Ingredients That Have A Delayed Effect On The Ant's Digestive System. This Allows Ants To Feed And Return To The Colony Where They Can Spread The Bait To The Young And Queen. During This Time, The Number Of Ants May Increase As They Swarm To Feed On The Sweetened Liquid Before They Begin Disappearing Altogether.

Key Benefits

  • Kills The Ants You See And The Ants You Don’t.
  • Pre Filled Bait Stations Are Ready To Use.
  • Contains Borax.
  • Flexible Placement: In The Ground Using The Stakes Or On Decks, Or In Garages Or Basements Without Using The Stakes.
  • Patented Station Protects The Bait From The Elements, Prevents It From Drying Out.

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