Victor Quick Strike Toxic Gasser Fog For Gophers and Moles 4 ct


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Are you tired of nuisance animals digging up your lawn and destroying your yard? Victor Quick-Strike Mole and Gopher Gasser is here to help! Quick-Strike is designed to kill several problematic pests, including moles, gophers, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks and ground squirrels. The compact size allows for easy placement in underground tunnels where many of these pests live. Plus, this pack includes four gasser sticks to eliminate your problem in no time. Best of all, Victor Quick-Strike Mole and Gopher Gasser is incredibly easy to use. It has a self-ignition feature, meaning no lighter is necessary to start, and it lights every time! To use, simply ignite the stick by striking it like a match, then place it in active tunnels. It will produce a toxic gas, which then travels through the underground tunnels, quickly killing the pests. For added effectiveness, this gasser burns twice as long as comparable products, so you can be sure your pest problem is resolved. In addition, the gasser stick will light every time because its waterproof and windproof, allowing it to stand up to the elements so you can protect your lawn in any weather.
  • Kills moles, pocket gophers, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks and ground squirrels.
  • Easy ignition feature, no lighter necessary – lights every time!
  • Long burn time
  • Waterproof & windproof

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