Xtreme Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculum, Granular, 1 lb

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Lb, mykos granular, a beneficial organism, mycorrhiza, plural mycorrhizae which lives on the roots of plants & forms a symbiotic relationship, extends microscopic straw like filaments called hyphae into the soil with which it extracts, transports, & dramatically increases a host plants supply of nutrients & moisture, pockets of nutrients & water in the soil which were once unreachable by standard root systems are now made accessible through the super mining effects which mycorrhiza gifts to your plants, provides plants with the greatest possible benefit for the smallest amount of input.

Key Benefits

  • Mykos is pure, fresh & alive: A beneficial organism
  • Dramatically increases a host plant's supply of nutrients and moisture
  • Mycorrhiza is capable of transforming the ordinary garden into something Xtreme
  • Mycorrhizal fungi are ancient in origin and the benefits are boundless
  • Larger yields and more nutrient-dense harvests

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