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Elevate your outdoor experience with the ZEP 32-1968CV Flying Insect Repellent/Odor Kit. This kit offers a dual solution to enhance your comfort in outdoor spaces. The flying insect repellent effectively keeps pesky bugs at bay, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors without constant swatting and annoyance. On top of that, the odor eliminator tackles unpleasant odors, ensuring that your outdoor gatherings are free from unwanted smells. With this kit, you can create a more enjoyable environment for picnics, barbecues, camping trips, and other outdoor activities. Take control of your outdoor space and make it more inviting with the ZEP 32-1968CV Flying Insect Repellent/Odor Kit.

Key Benefits

  • Provides effective protection against flying insects, enhancing your outdoor comfort.
  • Repels bugs to prevent annoying bites and disturbances during outdoor activities.
  • Odor eliminator component helps neutralize and eliminate unwanted smells in your outdoor space.
  • Creates a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings and events.
  • Enjoy outdoor experiences without the hassle of bugs and the presence of unpleasant odors.

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