Zep No Scent Floor Cleaner Liquid 128 oz


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Zep No Rinse Floor Disinfectant Is A Phosphate-free Formulation Designed To Provide Effective Cleaning, Deodorizing And Disinfection For Nursing Homes, Schools, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Lodging Establishments, Hotels And Retail Business Where Housekeeping Is Of Prime Importance In Controlling Cross Contamination From Treated Surfaces.
  • Kills The Virus That Causes Covid-19 On Hard Non-porous Surfaces In Just One Step. Sars-related Coronavirus 2.
  • Neutral Cleaner: An Effective Cleaner And Deodorizer That Is Mild Enough To Be Used On Floor Finishes, Quickly Penetrates And Removes A Variety Of Organic Matter.
  • Great For Use On Hard Non-porous Surfaces Such As Floors, Walls, Metal Surfaces, Stainless Steel, Bathtubs, Cabinets And More.
  • Environmentally Preferred: This Product Is Formulated Without Phosphates, Butyl Or Ape Surfactants And All The Detergents And Emulsifiers Are Completely Biodegradable.

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