Zud No Scent Rust Stain Remover Powder 6 oz


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Keep your home sparkling clean with this Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser. It features a powerful formula that removes rust, cooked-on food, grease, hard water and other tough stains. Use Zud cleanser to sanitize your kitchen and bathroom, care for your tools or to maintain a clean and inviting outdoor living space. It is a versatile household product to keep on hand and comes in a powder form that allows you to customize the strength and concentration for each job. The container holds 6 oz of product and offers long-lasting performance that works where similar products do not. It stores compactly for easy, convenient access when you need it.
  • Heavy duty
  • Works where ordinary cleansers fail
  • Use in kitchens, baths and for general house-hold cleaning
  • Removes rust and stains

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