How to design a beautiful terrace garden

Having a terrace garden is a dream for many. If you have one or planning to set it up in your apartments you can do it easily. If you are struggling with the decoration aspect of it? Do not worry we have got you covered. Below are ways to decorate your terrace garden today!

1. Open space: Whether you have a bungalow or an apartment, a terrace garden should be an open space. Especially if it is a smaller place, it will look bigger. To make it open, you can choose to use glass instead of the parapet. This will give a feeling of openness. If privacy is not a concern for you, this will be a perfect option! This will let the light in as well which can be a refreshing change from the usual lighting inside your home.

2. Growing taller plants: Most people shy away from taller plants in general. Having a large rooftop, you can grow bamboo and add a unique decoration to it. You can also plant trees in the corner to make it a garden-like feel. It would be a good idea to read books under it when required.

3. Furniture: You might not need a lot of furniture in your terrace garden but depending on the size of your garden you can also choose furniture accordingly. Plan the furniture based on the theme you want for your garden. You can add sofas, dining tables. You also add a shelter. You can also add a lounge area to your garden and add furniture such as bold furniture.

4. Lighting: Your garden might look pretty in the day no matter what, but lighting plays an important role when setting up your terrace garden as well. Make sure to have enough lightning near the door or the stairs as well. Having lightning along the corners of the garden can also look very aesthetic. Based on what you will use the garden for, set lighting accordingly.

5. Number of colors: When you have a garden, naturally the dominant color in the garden will be and should be green. However, for the furniture and other accessories, you can choose one accent and other secondary accent colors. You can combine these colors with a neutral color. 


6. A focal point: Your terrace garden cannot be arranged in a very scattered manner. To make sure that it is arranged properly, you can add a focal point to it. You can match the other furniture with this focal point. You can add a water fountain or you can also add a statue to the garden. It would be a good idea to buy a portable frame and have a movie screening under the stars with your friends.

7. Flooring: A terrace garden is not going to be only filled with your plants, floor is an important aspect of a terrace garden. Choose the right floor based on the climate and color as well. It should also suit the plants that you are planning to grow. Along with this, you can add a barbeque stand and host parties there with cute decorations as well.

8. Variety: As we have already mentioned, the garden is the most important aspect of your garden. And why we are reiterating is that you can often get lost in decoration. Make sure that you have a good variety of plants in terms of sizes and types of plants. These plants should also be able to grow in the environment you live in. 

These are some of the ways you can spice up your terrace garden or add extra elements to it by decorating it.