Reasons why succulents have become so popular


If you are someone who has been on the internet or have friends who are millennials and have recently moved out into their places? You might be very familiar with the word succulent. Succulents and houseplants have become increasingly popular day by day. But what is the reason behind it? Let us find out!

1. Drought resistant: Whenever you are buying a plant, it can be possible that because it needs to be watered regularly, you often forget and might end up losing the plant itself. However, succulents have unique water-holding capacities. What this means is that they can work as a ground cover without requiring much water.

In today’s time, we see a rise in droughts, a decline in groundwater, and only increased global warming. This is what makes succulents so perfect for the times that we live in. Not only can succulents provide a good cover in lawns but also these plants are available in a variety of colors which can make the landscape look pretty.

2. Easy to care for: The motto of today’s time is, time is money. Everyone lives a high-functioning life and unfortunately may not have the time to provide extensive care for their plants. This is where succulents win the game, again. They are very handy plants and can be looked after easily. They do not require much engagement outdoors or indoors. Once you get the right potting mix and set a routine for watering, there is not much to look after. These can be easy to care for people who do tend to end up losing plants while caring for them.

3. Variety: Contrary to popular opinion, succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can buy succulents that suit the colors of your house and then build an aesthetic ambiance. Some succulents also possess the quality to change their colors based on light. You can also find them in a wide range of shapes which could add a unique touch to your place.

4. Cost-effective and affordable: It can be hard to not only maintain other plants but they can be quite cost-effective to decorate your plants with succulents. You can also multiple these succulents easily. You can do propagations by cutting their stems or leaves. You need to have the correct information to do so. You can get a basic starter kit. The plant you cut using these tools will turn into a new plant within a few weeks. 

5. No season: Most plants have seasons right? Seasons they bloom in and seasons they just rest in. Well, succulents are the same throughout the year. They are not affected by the change of seasons. There might be some succulents that do not bloom during the winter. 

6. Location: A lot of times, plant lovers cannot grow certain plants in their vicinity because it may not be ideal to grow them there. However, luckily with succulents that is not the case. As already mentioned there are no season constraints with succulents. It is possible to get them and grow them in any kind of container as well. The container must have holes to be able to help them thrive. 

These are the many 6 reasons why people are buying succulents, even more, every day. Not only do they have decorative qualities but they can also be useful to you. Succulents such as Aloe Vera have a variety of benefits. They can also help you breathe better because plants can help improve the air quality when you have them indoors. They can also improve your mental health because the green color does spread positivity. And having something to take care of can also make you feel better if you live alone. This is your sign to get succulents if you are looking to get one for a long time!


Freya D.