Types of Plant Support Accessories

When your plants such as climbers or other plants, it is possible that while they look pretty they also tend to fall off. Plants that are tall or plants that you prefer to keep outdoors as decorative pieces also need support. There are certain accessories that you can get which can help you support these plants. 

1. Trellis: One of the most popular types of plant support accessories is the trellis. If your plant is heavy then you can go for the trellis that is thicker. These are better than the ones that you can use for daintier plants. Different types of the trellis are available in the market. You can choose these accordingly. They also can look appealing according to your background. It is a framework that will help you support your plants. 

2. Stakes: Stakes are wooden pieces or hard pieces that are kept on the ground when the seeds are planted. You might have seen them on paths in parks. What this does is that when the seeds are planted, they direct the plant to grow in a particular direction. Once they start growing you can tie these using plant support rings which are circular stakes.

3. Arches: Plants in outdoor spaces look beautiful. However, adding a structure to them could only make them even more aesthetically pleasing. A garden arch can look great in house entrances or even the entrance of your garden. These arches can be made of both metal or wood - you can choose your preference. When the plants and flowers grow on it, it looks very pretty. Schools and other commercial spaces could also make good use of the garden arches.

4. Cages: Plant cages or obelisks are another type of support you could provide to your plants. It can be difficult to tie the stems of the plants and not everyone finds it aesthetically appealing. These cages can be available in circular or rectangular shapes and could also be made at home. How the cage helps you is, it ensures that the plant grows away from the roots and prevents it from bending. 

5. Weave: Plants such as tomatoes, as we have mentioned above, require weaves. The weave can be quick support to these plants. You can use strings to tie the plant at different levels. It can be a very quick way to do so. You can provide direction to plants to grow in between the weaves as well.

6. Pergolas/ Arbor: Pergolas are supporting structures that provide much more advanced support. You can grow plants on these structures and then that can provide shade to the people walking under it as well. This can look beautiful on larger campuses or in gardens. 

The Arbor type of trellis is where it can also double up as an art structure and it has worked on all sides. You can plant flowers on it to make it look even more appealing. 

7. Wall Trellis: A popular type of trellis is the wall trellis. This is much more practical for a smaller garden as compared to the structures we have talked about. It can be extensive. If you have a brick wall at home it can look very aesthetic. You can grow creepers and flowers on these walls. 

8. Make your plant support: If you have an indoor plant, you can also opt to make your DIY plant support. You can collect materials from your backyard, such as deadwood. You can also choose privet. Cut the branches and strip off the thorns that might be attached to them. You can make three holes, equidistant from each other in the form of an equilateral triangle, and there it is your plant support!

These are the types of plant supports you can add to your garden to make it look more appealing and support your plants from drooping down as well.